2019 Newsletters

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December 2019

Beat the Winter Blues with Light Therapy
3 Healthy Immunity-Boosting Cold-Weather Habits
Warm and Decadent December Desserts
Little Known Facts about Christmas
Lump Sum Pension Buyout Basics
It Happened In December
FDA-Approved Dimethylsulfoxide for Aches, Pains, and More

November 2019

Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner Side Dishes
Beware of Genetic Testing Scams
How to Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk
Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving
New Theories on the Obesity Epidemic
It Happened In November
Money May Not Be Your First Priority When Planning for Retirement

October 2019

Get Moving and Get Fit
3 Reasons to Avoid Eating Before Bed
Healthy Halloween Finger Foods
Little Known Facts About Halloween
How to Fight a Health Insurance Claim Denial
It Happened In October
Optimism Wins: A Good Mood Could Mean a Longer Life

September 2019

Take Control of Your Telephone: How to Stop Robocalls
Four Questions to Ask Your Doctor to Avoid Unnecessary Medical Care
Back-to-School Lunchbox Surprises: Simple Recipes for Busy Parents
Little Known Facts About Labor Day
Shocking Links Between Alzheimer’s and Diet
It Happened In September
Fight Caregiver Burnout: Caring for Yourself While Caring for a Loved One

August 2019

Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?
Tips to Cut Your Tax Bill
Chicken Basics: Are You Cooking Your Chicken Wrong?
Little Known Facts About Senior Citizens’ Day
Sunlight, Sea Water, and Other Psoriasis Health Hacks
It Happened In August
Estate Planning Traps: What to Know Before You Go

July 2019

Top July Events and Celebrations Across the USA
Boost Longevity on Less Than 10,000 Steps
Simply Patriotic Picnic Recipes
Little Known Facts on Independence Day
Aspirin for Heart Disease and Cancer Prevention
It Happened In July
Rewarding Part-Time Work Opportunities for Retirees

June 2019

Budget-Friendly Stay-cation Ideas
Top 3 Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad
Cool Off With Fresh Summer Smoothies
Little Known Facts about Father’s Day
Major health problems? See your dentist.
It Happened In June
How to Avoid Sacrificing Your Retirement to Help Your Adult Kids

May 2019

Spice up your Summer - Plant an herb garden.
Spend Wisely in Retirement to Outlive Your Funds
Breakfast-in-Bed Mother’s Day Pancakes
Little Known Facts about Mother’s Day
Natural Heartburn Remedies to Enhance Overall Health
It Happened In May
Strategies to Mitigate Healthcare Costs in Retirement

April 2019

Little Known Facts about April Fool’s Day
Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency
Easter Recipe - Delicious Deviled Eggs
Easter Bunnies and Eggs
Spring Cleaning: Top Tips for Organizing and Refreshing Your Home
It Happened In April
Avoiding Tax Scams in Retirement

March 2019

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts
Considering A Phased Retirement
Green Recipes for the First Month of Spring
Advantages of Downsizing Your Home to Prepare for Retirement
Surprising Habits That Can Cut Cancer Risk
It Happened In March
Benefits of Planting Your Own Garden

February 2019

Keeping Relationships Happy and Healthy
3 Ways to Save More in 2019
A Decadent Hot Chocolate-y Dessert to Warm Up Your February
Little-known facts about Valentine's Day
How Vitamin B12 Can Improve Your Health
It Happened In February
Why Many Baby Boomers Continue To Work Past Retirement Age

January 2019

The New Year Brings A Fresh Start
3 Ways to Feel Better About Your Money in 2019
Citrus Themed Salads Add Zing to Winter Meals
Secrets to Thriving In Cold Weather
Improve Mental and Physical Health With Deep Breathing
It Happened In January
A Bear Market Begins

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